Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Natural Facial Cleanser.

For the last few years I have suffered with eczema on my hands. It is only my hands and it is a "special" type of eczema as one doctor once told me. I'm so lucky! Anyway, now any product that touches my hands must be natural. Yes, that basically means everything!

My mum had found a great brand local to our area which I loved. They used honey and bees wax among other natural ingredients and had a great gentle cream facial scrub. When I looked at the ingredients I realised that I should be able to make it myself!

From there my passion grew. I searched for recipes on the internet, bought books and even did a one day course on making natural products. I have learnt so much about the harmful effects of the loads of chemicals found in our "everyday" products and of the many benefits of going natural.

Sure, at times it can be annoying. I can't just go to the store and grab something when I run out and I live in a country where natural costs at least twice as much and where supplies to DIY are not easy to come by. But I know that it's better for my body, my health and the environment.

I want to share with you my most recent DIY natural product. A simple, all natural face cleanser. I came across someone sellling this on etsy and as it only has three main ingredients that I already had I thought I'd whip up a batch. I took my time as I wasn't sure about what quantities to use and I didn't want to rush into it. Then before I got around to making it I borrowed a book off someone and found an actual recipe for it. So here it is:

30ml aloe vera gel
50ml olive oil
30ml rose water
4 drops of rose essential oil
2 drops grapefruit seed extract

How to make it:
Throw it all together and mix!

How to use it:
It will separate so make sure you give it a good shake before each use. I use it in the shower after I have already wet my face. I squirt a bit onto my hands and then massage it all over my face for as long as I wish. It feels so nice! I then use a face washer that is wet with warm-hot water to gently scrub/wipe away the cleanser.
And that's all there is to it. A simple, fast and all natural facial cleanser. I love it! Go on, give it a try and tell me what you think!

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