Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Quick and Very Cute Earring Display Tutorial

This will be the first tutorial I do so stick with me, it will not be perfect.

I did have a bunch of photos to show more step by step but they have mysteriously disappeared so I will work with what I have and take a few more pics just for you.

But it is extremely simple to make this earring stand/display so I have no doubt that you'll be able to follow. It also shouldn't cost too much, which you have to love. I already had the material, and my mum had just sent a parcel with some foam protecting some bottles, so that was perfect. I just bought the frame and trim which didn't cost much at all!

Ok so you need:
1 photo frame of your liking
1 piece of foam the same size or slightly larger than the backing of your frame
1 piece of material larger than your piece of foam
3 pieces of crochet lace trim a bit longer than the width of the frame
Hot glue gun

So lets get started.
First you need to take out the glass of your frame, you won't be needing it. Now if your piece of foam is already the same size of the backing of your frame, you're ready to roll. If it's larger than just cut it down and play around with it a bit. You do want it to pop out of the frame a little rather than just sit flat.

Once your foam is the right size you can go onto the material. It needs to wrap around the foam piece and you want to keep it rather tight. Glue it down along the edges and in the four corners to hold it tight in place. 

This next step takes a little bit of trial and error to get right as you don't want your earrings hanging all over the top of each other. So lay down the crochet trim, hang a pair of earrings on it and see where you can put the next row of trim. Once you have them all in place you can go ahead and glue them down AT THE BACK ONLY.
When it's all glued and dry go ahead and put it together. Pop the fabric covered foam into the frame with the fabric facing out through the front of the frame and slip the backing piece back in place.


You're all done. Now go and grab some of your cutest earrings and hang them onto the crochet trim then stand back and admire how cute it is.

xo Katie

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