Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to it!

After a few tough months and no regular access to the internet I'm back.

I'm working on getting my blog up and going again and getting out there. This time I'm going to jump in and not let anything hold me back!!

So, I have a few things exciting coming up so stay tuned.

I have posted photos before of some jewellery I made to wear to a friends wedding, well I have been making plenty more, particularly earrings and hope to get them up for sale soon. I am also working on necklaces and bracelets and a few items of girls clothing.

Motivation is the key here. I get stuck, no make that mesmerized on the net, looking at amazing blogs and shops full of so much talent or finding things that inspire me and give me ideas of what I could do. But I get trapped when it comes to the doing: doing blog posts, doing sewing, doing jewelry, doing up my blog.

Where can I find me a shark?  ; )

Last week I came across the blog Acute Designs and read an article called A Case of the Somedays. She has a list of things that she will do someday. Someday I will do this, someday I will do that, this has me written all over it. We get so comfortable where we are that we won't step forward into something more.  Gina says "...sometimes you have to take a crazy leap and risk falling if you ever want to get to that someday.The only thing holding me back is ME. "

Someday I want to see in reality the 'somedays' that I think about today.

What's on your list to do someday?

xo Katie

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